A JOB FOR THE WOMAN: Exploring tweets and humanizing statistics



Is Iniubong Umoren another naija twitter trend, another statistic another opposite gender whose unfortunate plight will be ravaged by the feminist pride; like a cast of falcons having a well-deserved bazaar?

Many defenders of patriarchy even showing concern may turn up bearish, growling in the warming ice. There is the other group undeterred in defending the manosphere out there grazing: the buffaloes.

I for one despises victimtude; in slavery or in racism, and I own no claim to understanding another’s feelings and experiences. There is a price due emancipation, also a price for rising up for liberty.

In this article I will explore some tweets on the key words “women” and “jobs” to make humane each case.

@boundlesshands: All she wanted was a job but she got untimely death. This could have been anyone. If we don’t take action we will keep losing our women and girls to avoidable acts like #SGBV. Until everyone is safe, no one is safe! #RIPHinyHumoren

This tweet really got me. The writer considered in average those who are likely less strong in the various medians: man, woman, boys, and girls. The median strength of an average man is stronger than a woman’s, same as boys against girls. There will definitely be outliers to these, where a handful of men are weaker than an average girl, yet these men may never experience same unfortunate fate as the strongest of girls’ reason being that the boundary of men’s privilege accommodates all men.


@nonso_nnamani: How do some men enjoy sex with a woman that comes to them unwillingly? Lecturers that demand sex for grades, men that force themselves on women, men that offer jobs in exchange for sex, men that pay for sex. Where is the fun if she doesn’t melt and go weak at your touch?

Transactional sex is one thing most of us despise, but have we ever considered all the things we did that were passionately received. Why do we need to force on others what they are unwilling to accept?


@stackzelegbua: Nigeria has pushed a lot of women into odd jobs. Tbh it doesn’t make sense for women to be cab/keke riders or even work in construction sites.

Now this tweet may seem ignorant but it’s a belief along certain frequencies that men are meant for the difficult and hard. However, the reality of life is that there are women of superior strengths in each field of life than the average strength of men in the field.


That should be all for today. I am really saddened by the death of Ini Umoren, and the unfortunate event that led to her demise. May God Almighty grant her family such fortitude to bear this irreparable loss. Amen.


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