Whats up people,

I created a new product. One that is very simple, but also very powerful.

The AJAC Life Training Log

The AJAC Life Training log is a daily accountability journal that you can use, based upon building and enforcing the following daily habits

  • Read Every Day
  • Write Every Day
  • Train Every Day

This product has it roots in 2017, when I tweeted out the following

The Trifecta

  • Read 1 Hour a Day
  • Write 1 Hour a Day
  • Train 1 Hour a Day
  • Your Life Will Transform Dramatically In Short Order

This was RT’ed over 1000x, and it was the pivotal moment that my twitter audience growth began to take off.

The tweet was not published for the sake of attention I shared it because the above Trifecta is the legitimate Strategy and Method I was using and have used to transform my life, constantly grow, and keep myself focused.

It was born of out my experience in training clients and studying what “growth minded” people live by. Over the course of my training career, Ive worked with many “high performers” from all different industries, and Ive always paid attention to what exceptional individuals do.

There is nothing about the trifecta that is revolutionary obviously. It is a secret that hides in plain site, to reference Peter Thiel.

Successful people DO NOT follow secret routines: The Reality is that they all practice the same Habits

These habits individually are NOT special.

You’ve been told to read. You’ve been told that writing is useful. You’ve been told to take care of your health and workout

But Imagine If You Actually DID THEM, EVERY DAY

What Would Your Life Look Like 3 Months From Now? 6 Months? A Year

These things are superpowers not by existing, but in Doing

1. Reading-Successful people, they read, A LOT. Whether its for pleasure, or business, they are always well read. Reading is a cornerstone habit for information acquisition, self reflection, thinking, relaxation, and general curiosity and intentional learning.

2. Writing-The ability to write and write well is rare. Its a skill that leverages infinite times over. If you can write, you have the means to reach into anyone’s heart and mind and change the world.

3. Training-This does not only mean “exercise at gym“. Walking to have time to think, playing an instrument, physical training of the body through various forms of exercise, this is something that everyone has their own version of. Taking care of your physical body gives you the energy to do EVERYTHING else. If you do not have your health, what do you really have?


This Method was not arrived at lightly, despite how simple it is.

Reading, Writing, and Training are absolutely critical practices. Within those three things you enable the broadest possible range of skills and cultivation of personal qualities that support your success in ANY field.

I believe this is the foundational formula to becoming the top 1% of human beings, in any any given realm.

These are the cornerstones to building skillsets, continuously learning and maintaining physical health and resiliency to constantly improve.

We all occupy a world where ideas have become the most valuable form of currency, where the ability to focus is under fire in a world of noise, and where “mastery” and becoming a high value individual are more essential than ever.

The AJAC Life Training Log is the Trifecta Applied to Your Life


What Are You Taking Action On Daily?

Do you need to read another book about Discipline? Do you need another course about how to take massive action? Do you need watch a youtube video about how Discipline is Habit?

Or do you simply need to ACT, and hold yourself accountable for your actions?

I believe for most of us, it is the latter, not the former.

The Truth is that its the most COMMON habits that deliver the greatest returns, and those habits are the Trifecta Habits

And they are what form the Basis of the AJAC Life Training Log

I care about application first, not theory. The mystical habits as I call them, those are interesting, but they make for poor suggestions. The likelihood that they will broadly life changing is pretty low.

The Trifecta Habits however, they can transform your life. You read, you write, you train.

You do that every day. You make it impossible for you NOT to improve every day. You make growth part of your normal existence.

The AJAC Life Training Log gives you the visual primer and engagement to start this process and keep in on track.

You can purchase it here.

I believe its rather self explanatory. Any questions though, feel free to ask

Love you all,

talk again.


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