It was on a Monday, this past Monday June 28, 2021, I was  rushing back from my morning rounds when I met this very senior colleague. As always he will inquire and complain about the system; problems and ill-treatments meted on him and every other person he cares about. He will definitely complain about money, so I have to endure the conversation until then.


One thing he will never skip is pressuring me to get married. I learn over time that people, especially in Nigeria, as a matter of habit are not always forthcoming in areas of finances. So I asked him “Sir, you keep pressuring me to get married, what does it take for a man in my situation to get married to someone who he will love to get married to?”


His response was; “you are not going to get married if you tell women the truth”. He actually meant it given my situation. Now, what is my situation?

My situation;

  1. I work very hard but responsibilities/bills are almost equal to income (we all know the Nigerian economy sha, also the fact that I don’t have a fall back option if anything goes south)

2. My parents still live on rented apartment. We are yet to own a property

3. I swore to live debt free from 2022; He said it’s not possible for me to achieve a debt free status and want to get married given the high cost of marriage in my tribe


I am now worried about the lies men have to tell and what women have to keep up with in other to stay married.

What is your opinion? Do you think the truth makes people stay single?

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